Retro Files – SunTour Superbe Pro

UPDATE: So far, the seatpost has been sold. Check with us to confirm what’s left before getting too excited.

SunTour. Here’s the basics. Japanese bicycle component manufacturer started in 1912. Introduced the slant-parallelogram derailleur in 1964 which bettered the shifting quality of Campagnolo, Shimano, Simplex and the like until their patent ran out in 1984 and everyone copied them. The Superbe Pro groupset was rolled out in 81′ and was the best on offer, but when Shimano brought out the SIS system in 1985, SunTour underestimated the impact and, long story short, they lost market share and never recovered.  In the end they just couldn’t compete, and shut the doors (bought by SR) in ’95.

We have brand new, in the box (a couple of items no longer have the box, but still brand new) SunTour Superbe Pro derailleurs, shift levers, bottom bracket (English), rear hub, seat post, brake callipers, and a chain. We even have a few mountain bike parts. If you want to pimp out your classic bike with the best from that era, come have a look or give us a call.



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