Retro Files – Seat post city

UPDATE: These are now all sold!

More rare gems from the crypts under the shop. This time we have a collection of seat posts.

First up, a brand new, in box, Dura Ace seat pillar, SP-7400. Circumference is 25.0mm. This series of Dura Ace ran from 1985 to 1993. “Dur-Ace was developed to give the professional racing cyclist a fraction-of-a-second advantage that can spell the difference between victory and defeat. Advanced functions like 8 speed SIS, Super SLR brakes and Shimano Total Integration provide the most refined feeling of control available in a group today. Ultra high-precision mechanisms, quality materials and rugged construction assure that Dura-Ace takes all the punishment that pro-level road racing can dish out. (1991 Dealer Manual). Give us $95 and it’s yours.
We also have a new Shimano 600 seat pillar (26.8mm) from the same era with the same look in the same condition for $75. No original box.

Shimano 600 seat post

Next up, two seat posts from Campagnolo. Super Record post from around the early 80’s. Original box and paperwork, never fitted, high polish, and 26.8mm. Beautiful. Similar Chorus posts go for around the $250 mark, get your hands on this for $225. We also have a second-hand 27.2mm post in very good condition.
The other is a Record seat post from the mid-to-late 80’s. Same deal – original box, never fitted, absolutely beautiful high-polished finish, and 25.0mm. $185.
Last but not least, a very rare Columbus Air seat post. Hens teeth. Made specifically for Columbus Air tubing, these go for up to $400, but as long as it goes to a nice home, you can have it for a mere $290!
We can ship them, and can provide more pictures if needed. Get ’em while they’re hot. Once they go you’ll have a hard time finding others!


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