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Spring is Sprunging – time to get your trusty steed serviced

The temperatures are getting warmer and as the days get longer, so are our service bookings. We’ve got all the right tools and have a wealth of experience that spans over half a century, so there is little we can’t do. General service? No problem. Frames and/or forks re-aligned? Yep. Di2/EPS setup and updates? Sure. Frames reamed? We can do that. Wheel builds? We’ve done thousands – properly. Campagnolo shifter body rebuilds/conversions? Absolutely. We also have a large selection of small parts for repairs, from the most current back through to some extremely hard to find vintage parts – one of the benefits to having been around for so long!

There is almost nothing we can’t or won’t do, but some exceptions would include electric bikes and cheaper department store bikes (kids or adults), as they just tend to open a can of worms. Call us if you are unsure, but do give us a call to book in your bike as it might be a bit of a wait if you just turn up with it and we don’t always have the space to store your bike for extended periods of time. 

Now that most of the rain is gone and before you start racking up the spring and summer km’s, let us see to it that your bike is in the best possible shape, so you can be too.


Header Image: OZinOH/Flickr


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