Ride for Pain 2014

2014 Ride for Pain

Pain. We have all experienced it, but some more than others. What has been your most painful experience might just be nothing to someone else, and some have to live with pain every minute of every day.

Part of what attracts people to ride, and ride hard, is to push ourselves to our limit and then just a little bit beyond. That involves pain, and it makes us feel alive. I suppose if you are in the position to play with pain in that way, you should count yourself lucky.

“Pain is one of the most awful human experiences, which is what makes it one of the most effective – it makes us protect our body. Chronic pain occurs when biological processes keep telling the brain that the body is in danger. The huge challenge of pain is that it is not simply about your body, but about your brain’s evaluation of threat to your body. The factors that contribute to pain can be really complex and sometimes very difficult to spot. All pain, 100% of the time, is a perception constructed by our brain. Scientific studies clearly show that once we realise this complexity of pain and that pain is an intensely individual and personal thing, once we know it in the belly of our nervous system, we greatly increase our chances of recovery.  By riding in the Ride for Pain, you will help us reduce the massive personal and societal cost of chronic pain. We really REALLY appreciate your support.”

Professor Lorimer Moseley PhD FACP

Professor of Clinical Neurosciences & Chair, PainAdelaide

Join the ride, get some pain, and help those who don’t have the choice.

Get the full story and details of the ride, which takes place November 16, here.


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