What’s new and exciting

It’s been a little while since updating the site here, so it might be a good idea to simply catch up a bit on what’s new and what’s exciting, whether it be product or events.

With cycling still growing at a rapid rate, there is no shortage of events to do to keep up your interest. One of the biggest (the biggest) events on the recreational cycling calender is 3 Peaks, now called the Peaks Challenge Series after it’s popularity opened the door for it to become a series this year. This is not a race, but it is definitely a challenge, and one that keeps people coming back year after year. It’s only 2 weeks away now and a good few of our customers are heading over to Falls Creek to give it a go, so good luck to everyone riding it, and don’t forget to take some time to look around once in a while as it’s quite a nice ride if you don’t mind a bit of pain! If you want to stay closer to home, the ever popular Coast to Coast is back on the calendar. Leaving from various locations to accommodate different length routes, the full ride leaves from Glenelg and ends up in Victor Harbour, 120km later. Make it a full day and ride back if that’s not enough for you.

Something that I’ll be taking with me, and something I always have one of tucked away in my saddle bag or pocket, is an h2o wipe, which have proven to be quite a popular item. The weather for 3 Peaks has usually included one or more extremes in the past, but even if it’s perfect all day, it’s really nice to pull one of these out and clean your self up a bit for the quick lunch stop, or after you’ve changed a tube or fiddled with a dropped chain.

Moving from clean hands to comfy hands, we have the new Extreme Graphic gloves from Northwave in store. Check out a review here, but the quick version is that these are a very comfortable, light road glove.

Northwave glove


Road gloves usually mean road tyres, and there is no better clincher tyre out there than Vittoria’s Open Corsa. It comes in a few different versions, but the CX is far and away the most popular. We have them in both 23mm and the 25mm is also back in stock (for now!), so if you are riding 3 Peaks or staying local, pop some of these on your wheels and find out how much better your bike will feel rolling on 320tpi tyres.



Something that benefits from fewer threads per inch are Mavic’s Pro (taller) and Race (shorter) sock. It’s going to be a solid 40C all weekend, and these socks are the best when it comes to breathability. Super light, very comfy, we have them in black, white, and yellow, and in both Pro and Race lengths.

As always, lots more in store.


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