This Divo sings a pretty fine tune

When one of our long-term customers had his beloved Daccordi Grinta stolen a while back, he was devastated. Fortunately, though, it was insured, so the silver lining in this dark cloud was going to turn out to be pretty shiny indeed…

The Grinta was a mainstay in the Daccordi lineup for years. A beautiful, lugged, handmade Italian racing bike with unique lines and a satisfying colour scheme was the heart and soul of his old bike, and making sure that it’s replacement would be at least as good was obviously the starting point.

The only way that was going to happen was with, of course, another Daccordi.

At first he wanted to keep the same sort of vibe going with the new frame, but things changed as we looked at his options, and he ended up going with a much tougher looking frameset in the Divo, with it’s larger diameter straight tubes and clean lines. This is a punchy frame, delivering the speed, balance, and comfort that typifies Daccordi frames.


Further departing from his original plan, he ended up being won over by a vintage paint scheme that contrasts perfectly with the modern lines of the bike.

Adding a touch of extra customization that a smaller, family operated company like Daccordi can do, this frame has a unique rear-triangle due to the Italian supplier of the tubes normally used for the Divo being unavailable. Hand wrapping everything in-house meant that Daccordi simply used different tubing, and the result, we think, is even more spectacular than normal.


Internal cabling can be a nightmare to work on, as any mechanic can tell you, but Daccordi considered this in their design and installation couldn’t have been easier.

So, apart from the frame? This build didn’t cut any corners.

A Dura Ace 9070 Di2 groupset took care of the mechanical (and electronic) bits, and Enve took care of the rest, including their Garmin mount for the Aero handlebars, lending the stealthy look that still has many fans.


All said and done, this bike will turn heads as fast as it will enable its new owner to turn its pedals.

We’re all pretty happy with how this turned out, and can’t wait to get started on the next one!




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