This Daccordi Noah delivers a new beginning

Our last featured Daccordi build was a bit of a modern vintage look that was dripping in bling.

This one takes a slightly different approach, keeping things simple, clean, and classy.

The proud owner purchased his last new bike more than ten years ago, so he clearly isn’t in the habit of chopping and changing bikes on a whim (which, as it happens, was another Italian bike running Campagnolo). With that in mind, he didn’t want to take any shortcuts when it came to the most important part of any build – the frame.


The Noah sits at the top of Daccordi’s road offerings, along-side the lightweight Fly. Hand-wrapped tube-to-tube construction, it delivers the highest of performance and balanced, razor-sharp handling, but still retains the usual smooth ride that is characteristic of Daccordi frames.

He had a colour scheme in mind even before knowing what sort of frame he would end up with, but Daccordi came to the rescue and worked with us to deliver exactly what he was after.

Simple and uncluttered, the white and blue scheme was adapted from a early model Daccordi and then modified for this frame to suit the customers taste. The pleasant surprise was a deep but subtle sparkle in the blue to give it some depth and make it pop.



To match the truly Italian frameset, fully handmade by a family business that goes back to a time when most company founders were still in nappies (or even born), the obvious choice here was a Campagnolo groupset in the form of the ever-dependable Chorus (there was a budget to consider, after all), and continuing the Italian theme with Deda bars, stem, and seatpost, Vittoira’s new Graphine Rubino Pro tyres, and freakishly colour-matched Fizik saddle and bar tape. Mavic wheels were given the go as they offer the right amount of performance and match the aesthetics perfectly.

The new owner couldn’t be happier with the result, having ended up with a custom bike that matches his personality, offering the highest of quality and performance without shouting “look at me!” They should get along famously for the next 10+ years.

If you are after something beyond the ordinary with performance to spare, whether it be something extremely eye-catching like our last build, something dark and mysterious like this, or something clean and classy but a bit more reserved like this Noah, come have a chat to us about building a Daccordi for you.



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