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If you’re going to build an ark, you’d better build it right

We’ve been meaning to get this done for a while now (we’ve been busy!), but we finally got the right bits together and found the time to build this Daccordi Noah with the parts it is worthy of.

The Noah is one of Daccordi’s top road frames. Everything Daccordi makes is essentially “race-ready”, but the Noah takes it to another level with more advanced materials, with a hand-wrapped frame of the highest performance but also one with an exceptionally refined ride quality.


Though it’s a break from tradition, we decided to match this Italian beauty with a groupset that, arguably, has no peer at the moment. Shimano’s brand new Dura Ace 9100 is so refined in both performance and increasingly with Shimano’s product, aesthetics, that it was a no-brainer.



We went back to Italy with a finishing kit from Deda, using their top-of-the-line Superzero bars, stem, and seatpost. Enve is the flavour of the month for most people these days, but we think the shape of the Superzero aero road bars are even more comfortable, super sexy, and lighter as well, and the same goes for the stem and seatpost, which has a comfy and light-weight Selle San Marco saddle attached to it.



For the wheels, anything reasonably light and stiff would suit this bike, but in this example is a pair of Mavic 40C carbon wheels, as used by the pro’s at the World Tour level.

We’re pretty happy with how this has turned out. It’s a bike that is just as happy winning races as it is on social rides and looking good while doing both. With this Noah, you’ll be aboard an ark that will happily take you into a new world of cycling enjoyment.



Give us a call or come by the shop to find out if this is the right bike for you.


What dreams are made of

Sugar plum fairies, flowing rivers of chocolate, and mountains of gold are some of the things dreams are made of.

Oh, and Daccordi‘s. Or if they aren’t yet, they will be after having a look at this one, our newest Daccordi we have built up for display.


If you are unaware, we bring in some of the worlds best frames from Tuscany, Italy, handmade by the same hands that have been doing it for eons. From Daccordi:

“A Daccordi frame is created, designed and built in the heart of Tuscany, with respect to our tradition and with the newest and most innovative technolgies, using only components desgined and manufactured in Italy. All this makes our products exclusive and sincerely made in Italy.”


See? With pedigree, killer looks, and a ride that approaches magic carpet status, we’ve taken the hard part out of deciding what to lust after.

Choose your frame, then build it up with anything you’d like or simply what you’ve already got. It almost doesn’t even matter what you put on it. Better parts will provide better results, but the frame is what matters most, and you can rest assured that with a Daccordi, you’re sitting on just shy of 80 years of the best of what Italiy, or anyone else for that matter, has to offer.


Get ready to Explode

We think our latest Daccordi build is pretty, pretty, ridiculously good looking. The Explosive! frameset keeps a racing geometry, as with all Daccordi frames, but with a little added comfort and a more sloping top-tube. These are ready for either mechanical or electronic groupsets, and are available in extra small sizes too. Get ready to Explode Wheels are the next most important element of a bike, after the frame, so in this one are Mavic’s Ksyrium SLS wheels, which are light, strong, and smooth. Shimano’s 105 groupset is usually considered by many to be rather pedestrian, but their new 11 speed version works exceptionally well, looks pretty much the same as Ultergra, and is, to put it plainly, cheap, making it probably the best value groupset on the market today. Get ready to Explode All our Daccordi bikes are custom builds, so this is just an example of what you could have. Come in and see some of the frames on offer to start putting together your perfect weapon. Just do us a favour and wait until you’re out of the shop to Explode with excitement…

Retro Files – Custom rim jobs for everyone!

So we’ve been going through the attic lately and it’s been like Christmas morning, finding all kinds of special toys that have been hiding up there for years. Lately, it’s been all about rims. Custom built wheels used to be the norm, but as with most things today, the product straight out of the factory is usually cheaper and of a pretty goody standard, so custom items are usually relegated to those who specifically want something different, or who are after a slightly better level of quality.

These rims are from the era when good wheels were hand built, at your local shop, by someone who knows their trade. Many are from between the early 80’s and mid 90’s. Almost all are brand new and many are still in their original wrappers. Campagnolo, Ambrosio, Mavic. Tubulars and clinchers. 28, 32, and 36 hole. Silver, black, red, blue, even purple. We have newer ones too, of course (really nice Velocity rims that make good strong wheels for heavier riders). If you are after something custom, give us a call or come in to see our collection.

Retro Files – SunTour Superbe Pro

UPDATE: So far, the seatpost has been sold. Check with us to confirm what’s left before getting too excited.

SunTour. Here’s the basics. Japanese bicycle component manufacturer started in 1912. Introduced the slant-parallelogram derailleur in 1964 which bettered the shifting quality of Campagnolo, Shimano, Simplex and the like until their patent ran out in 1984 and everyone copied them. The Superbe Pro groupset was rolled out in 81′ and was the best on offer, but when Shimano brought out the SIS system in 1985, SunTour underestimated the impact and, long story short, they lost market share and never recovered.  In the end they just couldn’t compete, and shut the doors (bought by SR) in ’95.

We have brand new, in the box (a couple of items no longer have the box, but still brand new) SunTour Superbe Pro derailleurs, shift levers, bottom bracket (English), rear hub, seat post, brake callipers, and a chain. We even have a few mountain bike parts. If you want to pimp out your classic bike with the best from that era, come have a look or give us a call.