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Orbea Christmas Clearout

Just in time for Christmas, we’re putting all of our existing stock of Orbea bikes on sale. We primarily have road bikes (from $765 to $5000!) with and without disc brakes and with mechanical or electronic groupsets, some urban commuters, a cyclocross bike, and a few mountain bikes to send to a good home.

We have a number of Orbea’s award winning Avant road bikes as well, with a more relaxed geometry, room for wider tyres, and disc brake options.

We also have a good selection of really nice Orbea kit (bibs & jerseys) going cheap.

Great bikes and great savings to be had. Come by and check it out!


Make your riding buddies jealous

UPDATE: this bike is now in the possession of a very happy, very lucky owner, who is now afraid to ride it, such is its pristine nature…

Oh man… this is a bit of a treat! We could probably wait a few more years and let this thing reach full maturity and then offer it in exchange for your house or yacht, but basically, we’re nice guys, so we’ll let you at it now for slightly less. There’s no time like the present. What we have here is a classic mountain bike from Felt, but it’s got more bling stuck to it than this guy:

That's pretty blingy Image:
That’s pretty blingy

What Felt do we speak of? The EPO Team. That’s the effect this will have on your riding and also your social standing. Straight to the top, doped up to your eyeballs. This isn’t your standard old EPO Team with Deore, either. What you end up with is a bike that is lighter than 99% of the craziest carbon lightweights out today, with the best on offer from 2003. Such as:

Custom double butted scandium main frame with a carbon fiber rear-end.

Full Shimano M960 XTR groupset, featuring their Double Control Shift levers, new Hollowtech II crank arms, 3×9 drivetrain with 4 titanium cogs on the cassette, and the super cool reinforced parallel link V-brakes. They feel so very nice.

Rockshox SID forks. Dual Air, Pure DeLite low friction Dampening.

Mavic CrossMax SL UST wheelset with ceramic braking surface.

Felt Carbon saddle with titanium rails. Super light felt alu/carbon bars, stem, seatpost.

This adds up to an XC bike that weighs a pinch under 9.1kg! And here’s the best part – it’s still going to have it’s full manufacturers warranty! “It’s old”, you say. “New XTR is better”, you huff. “It doesn’t even have disc brakes!”, you lament.


This thing oozes coolness. It’s pretty retro, but in a few more years it will be even more so. Regardless of age, XTR is XTR, and this stuff feels amazing. Guaranteed, all your riding buddies will see this and giggle with glee.

You’ll need to be reasonably tall, as it’s a 21.5 frame. This kind of thing is a bit hard to price, given that it’s top spec, old, but getting old enough to be increasing in value, rare, and brand spanking new. It’s on our eBay page, so head over to see what you think. Let us know directly if you need this in your life. image image image   image image image image image image image image   image image image

New Arrival – SealSkinz



These things are brilliant! Water proof, wind proof, warm, grippy, and close fitting. I’ve had a pair of both the gloves and the socks now for a few weeks of winter riding, and can say that they do exactly what they are supposed to. The socks, most notably, keep the water out and the warmth in, while doing an admirable job of purging your foot juices, while the gloves never seem to feel at all wet on the handlebars even when the outer layer is completely waterlogged.