Get ready to Explode

We think our latest Daccordi build is pretty, pretty, ridiculously good looking. The Explosive! frameset keeps a racing geometry, as with all Daccordi frames, but with a little added comfort and a more sloping top-tube. These are ready for either mechanical or electronic groupsets, and are available in extra small sizes too. Get ready to Explode Wheels are the next most important element of a bike, after the frame, so in this one are Mavic’s Ksyrium SLS wheels, which are light, strong, and smooth. Shimano’s 105 groupset is usually considered by many to be rather pedestrian, but their new 11 speed version works exceptionally well, looks pretty much the same as Ultergra, and is, to put it plainly, cheap, making it probably the best value groupset on the market today. Get ready to Explode All our Daccordi bikes are custom builds, so this is just an example of what you could have. Come in and see some of the frames on offer to start putting together your perfect weapon. Just do us a favour and wait until you’re out of the shop to Explode with excitement…


What’s new and exciting

It’s been a little while since updating the site here, so it might be a good idea to simply catch up a bit on what’s new and what’s exciting, whether it be product or events.

With cycling still growing at a rapid rate, there is no shortage of events to do to keep up your interest. One of the biggest (the biggest) events on the recreational cycling calender is 3 Peaks, now called the Peaks Challenge Series after it’s popularity opened the door for it to become a series this year. This is not a race, but it is definitely a challenge, and one that keeps people coming back year after year. It’s only 2 weeks away now and a good few of our customers are heading over to Falls Creek to give it a go, so good luck to everyone riding it, and don’t forget to take some time to look around once in a while as it’s quite a nice ride if you don’t mind a bit of pain! If you want to stay closer to home, the ever popular Coast to Coast is back on the calendar. Leaving from various locations to accommodate different length routes, the full ride leaves from Glenelg and ends up in Victor Harbour, 120km later. Make it a full day and ride back if that’s not enough for you.

Something that I’ll be taking with me, and something I always have one of tucked away in my saddle bag or pocket, is an h2o wipe, which have proven to be quite a popular item. The weather for 3 Peaks has usually included one or more extremes in the past, but even if it’s perfect all day, it’s really nice to pull one of these out and clean your self up a bit for the quick lunch stop, or after you’ve changed a tube or fiddled with a dropped chain.

Moving from clean hands to comfy hands, we have the new Extreme Graphic gloves from Northwave in store. Check out a review here, but the quick version is that these are a very comfortable, light road glove.

Northwave glove


Road gloves usually mean road tyres, and there is no better clincher tyre out there than Vittoria’s Open Corsa. It comes in a few different versions, but the CX is far and away the most popular. We have them in both 23mm and the 25mm is also back in stock (for now!), so if you are riding 3 Peaks or staying local, pop some of these on your wheels and find out how much better your bike will feel rolling on 320tpi tyres.



Something that benefits from fewer threads per inch are Mavic’s Pro (taller) and Race (shorter) sock. It’s going to be a solid 40C all weekend, and these socks are the best when it comes to breathability. Super light, very comfy, we have them in black, white, and yellow, and in both Pro and Race lengths.

As always, lots more in store.

Grab a break on disc road bikes

Our Orbea sale continues through tothe end of the Tour Down Under, and amongst our selection of great Orbea bikes, we have a handful of Avant’s. Bike Radar named this the disc-bike of the year for 2014, praising it for its “truly stunning frameset, beautiful, comfortable ride”, and “excellent braking”.

Grab one of ours in time for the Bupa Challenge Tour, or if you want something a bit different, you can custom order one from Spain.

Orbea Christmas Clearout

Just in time for Christmas, we’re putting all of our existing stock of Orbea bikes on sale. We primarily have road bikes (from $765 to $5000!) with and without disc brakes and with mechanical or electronic groupsets, some urban commuters, a cyclocross bike, and a few mountain bikes to send to a good home.

We have a number of Orbea’s award winning Avant road bikes as well, with a more relaxed geometry, room for wider tyres, and disc brake options.

We also have a good selection of really nice Orbea kit (bibs & jerseys) going cheap.

Great bikes and great savings to be had. Come by and check it out!

2014 Ride for Pain

Pain. We have all experienced it, but some more than others. What has been your most painful experience might just be nothing to someone else, and some have to live with pain every minute of every day.

Part of what attracts people to ride, and ride hard, is to push ourselves to our limit and then just a little bit beyond. That involves pain, and it makes us feel alive. I suppose if you are in the position to play with pain in that way, you should count yourself lucky.

“Pain is one of the most awful human experiences, which is what makes it one of the most effective – it makes us protect our body. Chronic pain occurs when biological processes keep telling the brain that the body is in danger. The huge challenge of pain is that it is not simply about your body, but about your brain’s evaluation of threat to your body. The factors that contribute to pain can be really complex and sometimes very difficult to spot. All pain, 100% of the time, is a perception constructed by our brain. Scientific studies clearly show that once we realise this complexity of pain and that pain is an intensely individual and personal thing, once we know it in the belly of our nervous system, we greatly increase our chances of recovery.  By riding in the Ride for Pain, you will help us reduce the massive personal and societal cost of chronic pain. We really REALLY appreciate your support.”

Professor Lorimer Moseley PhD FACP

Professor of Clinical Neurosciences & Chair, PainAdelaide

Join the ride, get some pain, and help those who don’t have the choice.

Get the full story and details of the ride, which takes place November 16, here.

Retro Files – Custom rim jobs for everyone!

So we’ve been going through the attic lately and it’s been like Christmas morning, finding all kinds of special toys that have been hiding up there for years. Lately, it’s been all about rims. Custom built wheels used to be the norm, but as with most things today, the product straight out of the factory is usually cheaper and of a pretty goody standard, so custom items are usually relegated to those who specifically want something different, or who are after a slightly better level of quality.

These rims are from the era when good wheels were hand built, at your local shop, by someone who knows their trade. Many are from between the early 80’s and mid 90’s. Almost all are brand new and many are still in their original wrappers. Campagnolo, Ambrosio, Mavic. Tubulars and clinchers. 28, 32, and 36 hole. Silver, black, red, blue, even purple. We have newer ones too, of course (really nice Velocity rims that make good strong wheels for heavier riders). If you are after something custom, give us a call or come in to see our collection.

Spring is Sprunging – time to get your trusty steed serviced

The temperatures are getting warmer and as the days get longer, so are our service bookings. We’ve got all the right tools and have a wealth of experience that spans over half a century, so there is little we can’t do. General service? No problem. Frames and/or forks re-aligned? Yep. Di2/EPS setup and updates? Sure. Frames reamed? We can do that. Wheel builds? We’ve done thousands – properly. Campagnolo shifter body rebuilds/conversions? Absolutely. We also have a large selection of small parts for repairs, from the most current back through to some extremely hard to find vintage parts – one of the benefits to having been around for so long!

There is almost nothing we can’t or won’t do, but some exceptions would include electric bikes and cheaper department store bikes (kids or adults), as they just tend to open a can of worms. Call us if you are unsure, but do give us a call to book in your bike as it might be a bit of a wait if you just turn up with it and we don’t always have the space to store your bike for extended periods of time. 

Now that most of the rain is gone and before you start racking up the spring and summer km’s, let us see to it that your bike is in the best possible shape, so you can be too.


Header Image: OZinOH/Flickr

Make your riding buddies jealous

UPDATE: this bike is now in the possession of a very happy, very lucky owner, who is now afraid to ride it, such is its pristine nature…

Oh man… this is a bit of a treat! We could probably wait a few more years and let this thing reach full maturity and then offer it in exchange for your house or yacht, but basically, we’re nice guys, so we’ll let you at it now for slightly less. There’s no time like the present. What we have here is a classic mountain bike from Felt, but it’s got more bling stuck to it than this guy:

That's pretty blingy Image:
That’s pretty blingy

What Felt do we speak of? The EPO Team. That’s the effect this will have on your riding and also your social standing. Straight to the top, doped up to your eyeballs. This isn’t your standard old EPO Team with Deore, either. What you end up with is a bike that is lighter than 99% of the craziest carbon lightweights out today, with the best on offer from 2003. Such as:

Custom double butted scandium main frame with a carbon fiber rear-end.

Full Shimano M960 XTR groupset, featuring their Double Control Shift levers, new Hollowtech II crank arms, 3×9 drivetrain with 4 titanium cogs on the cassette, and the super cool reinforced parallel link V-brakes. They feel so very nice.

Rockshox SID forks. Dual Air, Pure DeLite low friction Dampening.

Mavic CrossMax SL UST wheelset with ceramic braking surface.

Felt Carbon saddle with titanium rails. Super light felt alu/carbon bars, stem, seatpost.

This adds up to an XC bike that weighs a pinch under 9.1kg! And here’s the best part – it’s still going to have it’s full manufacturers warranty! “It’s old”, you say. “New XTR is better”, you huff. “It doesn’t even have disc brakes!”, you lament.


This thing oozes coolness. It’s pretty retro, but in a few more years it will be even more so. Regardless of age, XTR is XTR, and this stuff feels amazing. Guaranteed, all your riding buddies will see this and giggle with glee.

You’ll need to be reasonably tall, as it’s a 21.5 frame. This kind of thing is a bit hard to price, given that it’s top spec, old, but getting old enough to be increasing in value, rare, and brand spanking new. It’s on our eBay page, so head over to see what you think. Let us know directly if you need this in your life. image image image   image image image image image image image image   image image image

Retro Files – Seat post city

UPDATE: These are now all sold!

More rare gems from the crypts under the shop. This time we have a collection of seat posts.

First up, a brand new, in box, Dura Ace seat pillar, SP-7400. Circumference is 25.0mm. This series of Dura Ace ran from 1985 to 1993. “Dur-Ace was developed to give the professional racing cyclist a fraction-of-a-second advantage that can spell the difference between victory and defeat. Advanced functions like 8 speed SIS, Super SLR brakes and Shimano Total Integration provide the most refined feeling of control available in a group today. Ultra high-precision mechanisms, quality materials and rugged construction assure that Dura-Ace takes all the punishment that pro-level road racing can dish out. (1991 Dealer Manual). Give us $95 and it’s yours.
We also have a new Shimano 600 seat pillar (26.8mm) from the same era with the same look in the same condition for $75. No original box.

Shimano 600 seat post

Next up, two seat posts from Campagnolo. Super Record post from around the early 80’s. Original box and paperwork, never fitted, high polish, and 26.8mm. Beautiful. Similar Chorus posts go for around the $250 mark, get your hands on this for $225. We also have a second-hand 27.2mm post in very good condition.
The other is a Record seat post from the mid-to-late 80’s. Same deal – original box, never fitted, absolutely beautiful high-polished finish, and 25.0mm. $185.
Last but not least, a very rare Columbus Air seat post. Hens teeth. Made specifically for Columbus Air tubing, these go for up to $400, but as long as it goes to a nice home, you can have it for a mere $290!
We can ship them, and can provide more pictures if needed. Get ’em while they’re hot. Once they go you’ll have a hard time finding others!

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