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What dreams are made of

Sugar plum fairies, flowing rivers of chocolate, and mountains of gold are some of the things dreams are made of.

Oh, and Daccordi‘s. Or if they aren’t yet, they will be after having a look at this one, our newest Daccordi we have built up for display.


If you are unaware, we bring in some of the worlds best frames from Tuscany, Italy, handmade by the same hands that have been doing it for eons. From Daccordi:

“A Daccordi frame is created, designed and built in the heart of Tuscany, with respect to our tradition and with the newest and most innovative technolgies, using only components desgined and manufactured in Italy. All this makes our products exclusive and sincerely made in Italy.”


See? With pedigree, killer looks, and a ride that approaches magic carpet status, we’ve taken the hard part out of deciding what to lust after.

Choose your frame, then build it up with anything you’d like or simply what you’ve already got. It almost doesn’t even matter what you put on it. Better parts will provide better results, but the frame is what matters most, and you can rest assured that with a Daccordi, you’re sitting on just shy of 80 years of the best of what Italiy, or anyone else for that matter, has to offer.



Get ready to Explode

We think our latest Daccordi build is pretty, pretty, ridiculously good looking. The Explosive! frameset keeps a racing geometry, as with all Daccordi frames, but with a little added comfort and a more sloping top-tube. These are ready for either mechanical or electronic groupsets, and are available in extra small sizes too. Get ready to Explode Wheels are the next most important element of a bike, after the frame, so in this one are Mavic’s Ksyrium SLS wheels, which are light, strong, and smooth. Shimano’s 105 groupset is usually considered by many to be rather pedestrian, but their new 11 speed version works exceptionally well, looks pretty much the same as Ultergra, and is, to put it plainly, cheap, making it probably the best value groupset on the market today. Get ready to Explode All our Daccordi bikes are custom builds, so this is just an example of what you could have. Come in and see some of the frames on offer to start putting together your perfect weapon. Just do us a favour and wait until you’re out of the shop to Explode with excitement…